Screenshot_2020-02-16 Tinius Olsen Used Equipment Division Calibration and Repair Services

TOUE Houston Repair & Calibration Lab

  • Local Pickup and delivery available
  • Highly experienced staff
  • Standardized NIST traceable quality system
  • In-lab and onsite calibration services
  • Southeast Texas premiere calibration lab

We are located in NW Houston and centrally located in Southeast Texas we service customers throughout all of Texas and beyond. This lab is a fully capable general-purpose lab and can calibrate most Load, Temperature, Pressure, Hardness and Torque instruments.

The Houston lab provides regularly scheduled pickup and delivery service in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Repair and Maintenance

TOUE provides expert repair and calibration of your test measurement equipment.

Our experienced technicians ensure test measurement equipment is in operational condition. The maintenance of equipment and systems requires technological expertise, in-depth knowledge of equipment operating and measurement principles and specialized diagnostic tools. Our Techs manage maintenance, repair and equipment calibration

Tinius Olsen Used Equipment offers calibration services for most pressure, torque, portable hardness and load measurement devices. The calibration provided by our In-house lab uses test equipment traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 

Traceable Calibration with As Found/As Left Data. The Certificate of Calibration includes As Found and As Left data, tolerance and assessment of compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Our range of services include, but are not limited to calibration of pressure devices, torque devices, king testers, portable hardness testers, proving rings (CEP), other load devices & more. Our technicians perform calibrations in accordance to documented and controlled procedures under our ISO 9001:2015 quality system to ensure testing meets manufacturer’s specification.

Our in house processes have certain temperature requirements as it is critical that this temperature is achieved and maintained throughout the process.